1. Advanced Driver course
Advanced ways to learn better, safer driving
Interactive sessions Practical hands-on advice Seasonal tips & techniques Friendly guidance whilst driving in your own car No stress, no tests, just a rewarding experience!
We all need to practise safer driving throughout our driving career  •	Having passed your driving test, gaining the knowledge and experience to cope with motorway driving, night driving, etc. •	Driving for business or leisure, coping with pressure to meet time commitments •	When families come along, getting involved in school runs and maintaining appropriate in-car behaviour •	As we get older, needing to take even more care to compensate for slower reactions, lack of confidence and lapses in concentration •	Changing technology •	Changing regulations  We have developed new, better ways to help drivers of all ages become safer on the road, by helping them improve their skills as a Thinking Driver. Thinking Drivers are safer drivers because they realise that they need to learn to anticipate the likely behaviour of other road users, as well as driving safely themselves, for the protection of their passengers and themselves. Safer driving needs full concentration, higher awareness, an interactive approach to the changing scenario all around and regular refreshers to keep driving safely. A range of courses to cater for every driver’s needs at every stage, including Refresher sessions, Advanced Driving and one-to-one mentoring. All based upon an advanced standard of driving qualification, local knowledge and practical, hands-on support.  All designed to help you brush up your skills, gain more confidence, get more from your car - and enjoy your driving more!

Where would you like to start?

For as little as £30, you could start to improve your knowledge, skills and ways of thinking about better, safer driving that will last you a lifetime. To cater for the needs of the majority of drivers in Herefordshire, we run two levels of course, regularly throughout the year and at locations throughout the county:
2. Safer Driving Refresher Days We are the Official Provider of iAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving courses in Herefordshire, designed for drivers to raise their skills to advanced level and fulfil their potential. Our approach to running this programme is different in several ways, which you will find will work better for you:- •	an open learning process, encouraging self-analysis •	interactive presentation, with team participation and open discussion •	non-judgmental, no pressure . . . . just working at your own pace - and enjoying it! Accompanied drives You are assigned a Qualified Observer who will guide you progressively in advancing your performance. In 2018, our Advanced Driver courses will be run on Saturdays: 0930 - 1600 Venue: Saxon Hall, Hereford HR2 6HE •	June 16 •	July 21 •	Sep 8 •	October 6  To book or get further details, please ring David Williams today on 01981 580382 or email him atchief-observer@advanced-drivers.org.uk  For information on iAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving, please go to their website at ww.iamroadsmart.com/courses Specially designed for licenced drivers of all ages, who need to update their skills and for those who have lost confidence whilst driving nowadays, whether for leisure, business or necessity. Each is adapted to the particular needs of those participating, to help them:- •	become more aware of other road users •	deal better with driving hazards •	reduce the risks of accidents •	get up-to-date with the new Regulations •	feel more confident, with or without passengers Programme: 1000 - 1530 Each session includes an update on rules and regulations, discussion about driving in Herefordshire and a drive in your own car, accompanied by a friendly Observer, who will give you constructive advice which will prove invaluable for years. Booking is essential to avoid disappointment. •	Ross-on-Wye: Wednesday 23 May •	Ledbury: Friday 13 July •	Leominster: Tuesday 11 September  To book or get further details, please ring 01432 840835 or email: events@advanced-drivers.org.uk